Custom Program and Workshop Development

You might be a coach whose audience has a different need, or you may just want to deliver something unique and custom-built for your clients. We’ll help you cook up the perfect custom program or content package to fit your unique business goals and audience’s interests. Our Curriculum Developers and Subject Matter Experts will work with you to develop a program your participants will love!

Product Description

You’ve probably perused the web (and our website) looking for a “done-for-you” program to offer in your business but nothing has struck your fancy so far.  Perhaps you have a very specialized niche.  Or maybe you simply want to offer a custom program that will rock your clients’ world!  But you wonder, “How do I get moving on such a massive undertaking?”  Well, that’s where we come in.

By working collaboratively, we help you to excavate your vision into a workable, tangible product you can deliver to your clients.  Whether it’s a workshop, or a program, or a custom newsletter series – we will help you to get it done.

How Do Our Custom Content Development Services Work?

Well, it depends.  We can work with you in 3 different ways depending on how much assistance you want and need.

  1. We can help you to simply map out your product, modules, and develop an outline of the content and a production plan.
  1. Need a little more help? We’ll help you to map it all out, research it for you, write it, and put together all the documents in .txt files that you can then polish off with your own formatting, branding and what not.
  1. Want to completely offload this whole thing? We’ll do a full-fledged deep dive with you, map everything out, get it all developed.  And not only that – we’ll format all your documents and PDF’s to make it all nice and pretty with your branding elements.

We obviously won’t record a program or course for you, but we will help you to get moving in the right direction if you want to turn your materials into an e-course or online program.

The only way to know what would work best for you is to contact us and get the lines of communication flowing.  So, fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch with you promptly.  Be sure to add our email to your contacts so you don’t miss our response message!