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Peer Reviews

“Thank you for all you do! Your support and blog posts have been so instrumental in my business! They have guided me as to what I have needed to do and kept me going! The ideas flow through my head after reading them.”

– Angie K., Certified International Health Coach

“I would highly recommend these programs for wellness coaches. I used the workshops to deliver a series at my local library in the Fall. Not only did I get compliments on how professional everything was. I had so many people interested in the topics that I almost filled my coaching slots by the end of the series. I know that I would never have been able to achieve that trying to put it all together by myself. Thank you for this material and for all your support with my launch!”

– Marisol Velez, Health Coach/Registered CSW Intern

“Alicia’s mentorship and courses have made a HUGE difference in my business, from struggling to figure it all out to now having a plan that is working to help me reach my goals and focus on what I love to do. I can’t say thank you enough!”

– Monique M., Holistic Health Coach

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Why spend weeks and months trying to plan and figure out how to launch. Our packages can help you to feel more confident as you start delivering your programs or workshops in no time!

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Promote & Present

We’ve packaged our content to give you a clearly lit path to promotion and presentation. Your documents are organized and easily editable for your customization and use.

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Focus and Connect

Don’t get bogged down in the details. Our programs help you to focus on your larger mission and purpose so you can make an authentic connection with your tribe.

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