Smart Ways to Repurpose Your Newsletter Content

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Educating your clients is vital to maintaining a healthy coaching practice, and having a weekly wellness newsletter is the ideal marketing tool for this purpose.

Your ongoing, regular newsletter campaign functions as a “silent partner” in helping you grow your business. Your newsletter marketing campaign can also raise the awareness of your prospective clients, and reinforce the lifestyle habits you are discussing with current clients during coaching sessions.

Another great potential of your weekly newsletter campaign giving you the opportunity to present your offers in a “non-salesy” way and inspire your readers to take action on their health.  Because, after all, that’s probably the desired end result we all want is seeing people take action to better their health and lives.

So, perhaps you are already following a structured newsletter marketing plan and sending regular supportive content to your subscribers. And if so, that’s great! But you might not realize that the content in your newsletter can wear many other hats and work for you like a part-time Virtual Assistant?

Are you using your content to it’s fullest potential?

Have you ever wondered why some coaches seem to create content effortlessly while others struggle to put together one blog post? The secret is in repurposing content that you’ve already created.  You may not realize it but you probably haven’t been using your newsletter content to it’s full potential.   If you’ve already activated your membership to Newsletters for Health Pros, then you have probably already seen the benefits of how a powerful, low-maintenance newsletter marketing system can truly simplify your business backend, while maximizing the impact you make with clients and your community.

And your newsletter can serve a variety of purposes as mentioned before, but the actual newsletter content can also be used in a variety of ways.  Here is a run-down of some of the creative ways you can repurpose your newsletter content so it does double or triple duty and frees up your valuable time:

  • Convert the newsletter article to a printed newsletter and mail to local businesses to introduce yourself.
  • Use each newsletter as a foundation for client sessions.  Our Newsletters for Health Pros cover a range of health topics, and this content can used as material to structure or supplement a coaching sessions.
  • Format the newsletter article with an easy editing tool like Canva, and you’ve got a snazzy flyer to post on social media or hand out at events to promote your business.
  • Edit the word document and add your logo to the top with your signature.
  • Create mini-modules or training videos from the content.
  • Use the content for Facebook Live jam sessions with your tribe.
  • Use snippets of the content to create pins on Pinterest.
  • Host a Google Hangout (people still do those, right) and run a group coaching session.
  • Fire up and use the content for a webinar.
  • Print and pass out as Wellness Workshops.
  • Provide copies to other businesses in your area (chiropractors, health food stores, etc).
  • Use the content to structure (or supplement) your freebie.  Hire a designer on Fiverr to design it and BAM you have a freebie for your website.
  • Use as inserts in community newspapers in your area.
  • Use the content to create “Tip Sheets” with your contact information.
  • Use the content to run a Challenge in your closed/private Facebook Group.
  • Use in place of business cards and let potential clients get to know you.
  • Ask your existing clients to share your newsletter with friends, family members and co-workers (make it easy for them by providing a color copy).
  • Use the Social Media posts included in our Newsletter for Health Pros on your fan page, and pair them with a graphic for more visual appeal.

Learn more about Newsletters for Health Pros.

Your Turn!

Tell us about your experience with re-purposing your newsletter content.  We’d love to hear your thoughts and insights.


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